Updated: July 16, 2009


Since the term 'off-model' (once used as a weapon only in professional circles) has trickled into fandom, their own standards and drawings have become much less imaginative. I myself fully and joyfully subscribe to the words of AOSTH's producer/director Kent Butterworth:

"If you can recognize the character, it's 'on model'."

And I am delighted whenever I see a character of mine adapted into another form. Drawings and sculptures are designed by human beings, and should look like it!
Apart from the American McDonald's car, the dolls, hoodie and sipper pictured below are Australian. (Images from sonicgear.org) This version of Robotnik is the one most often chosen for licensing throughout the United Kingdom!
2/28/09: This row & the two below: British images sent by Aaron Foster.
Robotnik's looking a little "Asterix-y" here. 
Aaron writes: "In the British comic book series, Robotnik went under a transformation from his video game look into your design by hatching out of a giant egg! He wasn't a silly buffoon with a sexy arse like in the cartoon, though."
7/16/09: Lovable DVD box incorporating a tracing of one of my layout drawings for the show's pilot film. 
(Amazon store link.)
Have YOU images of items not included here? Please SEND them...I'll post 'em...and give YOU the credit!-MK.