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Greetings, Sir Knight. I have been led to believe that you are the original artist for that old Sonic show. If so, I must say, you've got quite the talent. Your artwork has made a smash hit among YouTube in the category of what is know as YouTube Poop, which collects (regularly) segments of the Sonic the Hedgehog show and transforms them into random, more devious offspring. Your artwork is idolized in such a field, and I have much to learn from you. I'm a sketch cartoonist by nature, and I've wanted to make artwork as crazy and inconceived as yours. Congratulations on the successes, Mr. Knight.
I don't know if you read fanmail, Mr. Knight...But in any case,

I wanted to let you know that your Robotnik design was the greatest ever. It's quite possibly the reason that Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was so enjoyable for me, since he is my favorite villain ever. He's probably the greatest villain ever. Better than the Joker. Better than Jafar. Better than Satan. 

And you made that possible for me. Thank you.

Roxanne T. Finigan

Hey, Mr. Knight:
I watched Cool World for the first time on Monday. I was reading the credits 
and saw your name in the design category! I thought i recognized something 
in al the characters running around. Now, I'm going to have to pull out my 
comic book boxes and go to the Milton Knight file (Yes, I have some of your 
comics filed in my "artists box." Your stuff is in good company with Basil 
Wolverton, Frazetta. Kaluta, Wrightson, and Stevens) and read Hugo, Midnite, 
Slug and Ginger and Betty Boop again.
Thank you very much for the enjoyment I've received reading your work.
Matt Greby
Dear Mr. Knight,
 I just found your website (why did I wait so long to google your name?!), even though I've been a fan of yours since Hugo #1. I remember reading an editorial you wrote in Comics Journal that made me view the old Terrytoons with a renewed appreciation. When I found Midnite I was
thrilled to discover more of your work. When I visited the Fantagraphics booth at a comic expo you were the only artist I asked about, but nobody knew anything except that you were working in animation. Now that I found your site, I'm happy to see so much new exciting stuff!
[...] your work serves as an inspiring reminder that good cartooning is not dead. Its eyes still bulge with wild life. Thanks a million!
  Yours, most sincerely,
Jeff Reynolds (
I stumbled upon your website and I have to say that I became an instant fan of your artwork. Unbeliveable line work, keep up the kickass work!
-Manning Richards (
hello mr. knight! i noticed on your web site that midnite the rebel skunk issues were for sale. i ended up finding issue 3 waaaaaaay back a long time ago and just loved her! (by the way i'm a 32 year old woman - how's that for strange! midnites got a girl fan! and yes i'm straight.) i loved her style and pluck. i think i found her when i was 19 years old. years later i found issue #1. i guess i'm only missing issue #2 since there only 3 showing on your site.  how sad, i thought she was hilarious! 
 is it possible to just purchase issue #2?  thanks for making such a funny girl! she really made me laugh! (and when i first bought her i was embarrased because i thought it was an "adult" comic) luv those curves!
nikki engel, Detroit

(Yes, Nikki, issues of MIDNITE THE REBEL SKUNK #1 and 2 can be ordered singly or in groups! Details are on mySALEpage!)

Dear Mr. Knight,
I want to say I greatly appreciate you. I still have your autograph given to
me in the 1980's by my brother David Pleasant, a percussionist in NYC.
I have continued in my art and am now recognized all over the World. It is a hard road for a black man artist. And I still experience much discrimination in my art career. Especially in the Usa and even UK. Sadly, even my somewhat recent trip to LA was filled with much of this. In the form of disrespect, discrimination, etc, at Bergamot Station galleries, and others elsewhere in LA.  However, I do not give up and I continue forward. I do most of my work outside of the usa. And I have achieved many positive results as a result. I am in the Nyc scene a bit still too. And am known.
You were of profound influence to me because you made it. And stuck to your dreams. For a little black boy from Savannah Georgia, such things mean a lot. You existed and that was enough to offer to me hope for me and my art in the future.
I continue to walk forward and paint with all of my heart.
This is just the beginning for me.
You are Great.
Kindest regards, always.
The honorable Nick Cuti (E-MAN, MOONCHILD, honorsme bywriting again:
 I've been looking over your work and I hope you won't mind my saying this but I consider you to be the most unique,exciting cartoonist of our age. I am always reminded of that nervous kid who came to my office at DC Comics so many years ago. You've come a long way since then and still you continue to grow.  Please keep your work coming.
From Jeffrey Sommer ( 
 Mr. Knight, I've been a fan of yours since I first laid eyes on Hugo and Slug & Ginger. For me, they will always remain my favorite comic characters. I just bought the two new Hugo comics, only to see that you consider them finished. I hope that you will reconsider. I of course would love autographed copies, but I primarily want to encourage you to write more Hugo. By the way, I was glad to see Hugo and the Princess finally get it on explicitly, especially in issue #2. About time! And more Slug & Ginger would be welcome.
Waldemar Lene Chaves ( from Fortaleza, Brazil sez:
 You´ve got an utterly mad cartoon style guy! It´s amazing! :D It´s the first time i see your site and i don´t know much of your artwork. Two days ago I saw the Ninja Turtles comics you drew for Archie comics(i imagine it isn´t the best work you´ve made) and your insane style really surpriesed me. I´ll search for more of your artworks. I´m a beginner cartoonist and from now and on i´ll take you as one of my "masters"! heh heh! :D Well, that´s it. Good bye!
Big Pants Mouse cartoonist Gabe Swarr ( hath written:
Milton Knight is one of the greatest living illustrator/cartoonist/painter. That's all I need to say.
 "Milton Knight is the king of 'liquid urban jazz expressionism'! He's got more explosive energy and raw sexuality in a single ink stroke than most modern wannabees will have in a career lifetime! I'd marry Midnight in a heartbeat! May Milton always remain untamed!" 
- Chris Yambar (Mr. Beat / El Mucho Grande / Suicide Blonde / Bart Simpson Comics)
His site:
Nat Belin (
Love line of humorous, its look like fun i love how you do it :-) Nat-CARTOONIST
hi mr.knight 
  The world of art would be much better place if their were a thousand more like you.
Alex Neal
Hi Mr. Knight, my name is Jameson Hirsch, and I am a psychologist in Rochester [NY].  Yep, an art lovin'/ comic reading shrink!  Anyway, I'm writing to let you know that I am a fan of your work, and I really like your style of illustration.  You use ink and lines and form so well, and everything seems to mesh together perfectly, but in a completely unique, slightly BIZARRE and WEIRD way ..... just like me!  Yep, I'm proud of that!  No, it's not weird, but super funky.  In fact, I feel like there's a lot of emotion and soul in your work, it pretty much oozes with that sort-of groovy stuff!(That's the psychologist in me talkin'....)  Oh, and I just spent a long time at your web site, such cool graphics, excellent!  Anyway, just wanted to say great stuff!
Oklahoma's Mitch Shrader ( writes: Stumbled over your work entirely by accident..
and dang if most of it doesn't remind me at all of Picasso..
couple do, though. That's a compliment, if a trifle obfuscated..
Am ol' Zap Comix fan, EC, etc, and nice to see someone doing things not
politically correct .. keep up the good work!
Greetings from The Ancient One
 Hello Milton
 While walking down the path that is cyberspace i happened upon your website. I enjoyed my visit. You have many gifts. It was a sincere privilege to view your pages. May peace and prosperity be yours always.
 My name is Micheal Teal. I am among other things - a Psychic , Spiritual Advisor and Poet. To peruse your words and images was a wonderful experience. I wish you joy and happiness always.
 May the Sun enlighten , the Moon enrich and the Earth embrace and protect you always.
 Yours in Peace
Micheal Teal (
Andrew Schaad ( sez: Always enjoyed the 
life you breathe (anima? acting?) into your cast. You really have a way of freeze framing or storyboarding motion or depicting fluid action - 
appropriately still referred to as "animated".
An observation from talented animator Al Eufrasio (
I notice that your style has gotten looser yet more deliberate over the
years.  I'm assuming that's because you've leaned more towards personal
projects since a few years ago.  In my experience, working on animation
where I have to force myself to draw like everyone else tends to limit the
personal nuances I would otherwise draw into my (unrelated) work.

I'm diggin' your "portrait of Lola", and if you don't mind me saying, I like your afrocentric stuff in general.  It provides a taste of how cartoonists could've drawn blacks in the jazz age if they weren't so busy being asses with those idiotic stereotypes.

From Ned Sonntag (, Betty Boop artist extraordinaire-
This new update gives your site a glossy sheen of veritable Negritude!  That word Negritude just popped into my noggin when gazing at the Ass Gallery.  This is a sassy site!  It gives the impression that you are having fun, yet!  Which knowing you, proves the power of technical focus and prowess.
Lovely and golden! Resplendent! Awe inspiring too!
-Steve Worth of VIP Records (
Spider Rocket writes and reflects:
Funny how life can be: I'm your fan since a long time. Years ago, it was hard to find your comicbooks in France and totally impossible to have informations about american cartoonists that were not working on the X-men.
At that time, I tried hard to send my comics because my taste for american funny cartoon characters was not "mainstream" and my plots for mature readers were not "acceptable". When I discovered "Hugo" and "Reformed school skunk", I thought it was better for me to quit funny cartoons for a while. 
If Italian cartoonist Massimo Mattioli's gore'n'porno'n'cartoons gags were hard to beat, your graphic style has been a bigger trouble for me. I'm just unable to use a brush, I'm only inking with steel nips, a tool that is usually employed for lettering. And your graphic compositions in real black and white just kicked my ass so far, that I'd rather been working as an editor in chief with the Looney Tunes characters.That what I did.Now that I am back fighting with the publishers, I was wondering how would look a story that I would write for you... More a dream than a project.
Keep on sending me your news, I really appreciate them.
I hope that we'd meet one of these days in America or Europe.
Dee-lighted, Spider! Illustrated: one of his paintings! (We were both in  Gallery Bink's VIVA LUCHA show in May '03!) Tres Groovy, eh wot?
November 2003: 'Spider Rocket' & I have corresponded on the

   attitude of determined self-annhilation now ruling America's comic book field. I was surprised to learn that this situation has its counterpart in  Spider's country. CLICK to read his own essay on the subject,
From Simon Gane (, agreat GRAPHIC CLASSICS contributor from Jolly Olde England:
Milt, you rock. I've been checking out your site and you're too prolific! I
like the variety, it's more life-affirming than someone who just plods on
without developing or taking on board new things that influence them,
however randomly. You have to be like that I guess, otherwise the love for
it goes.

Here are a few letters inspired by the new HUGO #1...
just finished Hugo [#1]...favorite page, #7 of witch story with butt shot up top an stirrin below!!! beoooteeefooool!!!! FABULOUS!!!!
Sick, but yes, oh so fine mama!...i'm leerin at da lil sexpot now,,,ah Trish i wanna hold yer HAM!!!! in my dreams, in my dreams!!! lookin foward 2 da next issues so i can have another good ejaculation, i mean read!!! congrats on dis lovely little package! an the book is pretty good tooo!!!!! hahaha!
-An Enthused Fan
Bravo on the new series! It's been a joy seeing our hapless hero Hugo back in full swing. The characters leap off the page and the panel compositions
are dynamic as ever. The thick, fluid brush strokes really bring the comic
to life. Your drawings are more animated than most cartoons on television.
Thank you so much for a tremendously entertaining read!
-Michael Bresnahan
There is a definite progression in your work/style. The first Hugo series
was very reminiscient of Terrytoons comics and golden age cartoons. The
character designs were more rounded and soft. Not that that was a bad thing.I love that style. The new Hugo is more hardened. The inking is coarser and thicker. Greater use of blacks. Though you are still using a three-tier system, it looks less confined in the new Hugo. This is probably due to the way in which you inked the panel borders. The scene doesn't just seem to end at the borders.The borders are part of the scene. Still, with the differences in style you've managed not to lose what it is that makes it a Milton Knight comic. Side-by-side one can see that they are both the work of the same artist at different times in his career. At times,
pencillers styles make such a radical change they lose what it was that
endeared them so much to their fans. You haven't lost it. The Milton Knight energy is still ever-present in the pages of the new Hugo.
-Chris Lopez
Some gratifying words from Matt Pulling of Falls Church, VA.
( ):
I have recently come into a new period of discovery regarding you.  I was lucky enough to come across 2 issues of your Hugo comic lately, and your new website as well.  I almost passed out when I found it.  It has opened my eyes indeed to the scope of your talent and of accomplishments I'd had no information about.  I had seen your comics (of course), seen Felix episodes you'd directed, as well as illustrations and record jackets, but was less versed regarding your own artistic manifesto.  I knew enough to be intimidated before I'd reached your site, and smelled the intense, vicious personal drive swimming beneath the surface of your concise (not rude) replies in interviews, but now I really feel proud that I can bask in the radiation of that frightening determination in close quarters, with no protective gear.  Thanks for putting up such an informative site, and for being such a key player in the rejuvenation of an entire family of dying genres and mediums.
Micheal Bresnahan, creator of the DIM-WITTED DARRYL comic book (,writes:
I love the new site! It's a great showcase for your lively drawings. And the paintings! Man alive, your paintings are so bold and expressive. You really do nice work. (Just stop making other cartoonists jealous!) I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear about the new Hugo series. Your return to comics is a much anticipated one.
A note from cartoonist Jerry Fuchs (,whose comicbook,FIGMENTS ,was published at the same time & place as MIDNITE:
I just saw your site through a link on Dave S's [Dr. Strange-Q's] page. Excellent stuff! Imagine my surprise when I saw that you had books published with Blackthorne Publishing, too. Keep up the great work!
Thanks,Jerry!We survived!
And the good Dr. Strange-q writes from his studio, PRIMAL SCREEN:
Hey Milt,
I love your site. We've all been checking it out at Primal.
Keep up the great work! Your art is entertaining and inspirational to me.
I'll put up a announcement about your site on STRANGETOONS right away.
..And check the info on his band at:
My long-time friend Pete "Reet" Glass ( wrote:
the site blew my mind!!!! it was great to see all the covers and paintings
especially!!!!! u ARE comicbook history!!!!
I first met Nicola Cuti( in the early 80s when he was an editor at DC Comics and I was a sweaty-browed kid with a portfolio. (Now I'm a sweaty-browed man with same.) I've long admired his work as a writer (E-MAN), and an artist (MOONCHILD, now known as MOONIE, and to return via MU Press November '03!). Speaketh Sir Cuti:
Dear Milton,
Last night I had the opportunity to visit your web site and it was just
great! Very professionally set up and your illustrations, paintings, comics, etc. were excellent. Wild, free and irreverent. If you were a little older, you could have been one of the vanguard of the UNDERGROUND COMICS movement,along with Crumb, Spain, Bode, et al.  I didn't know you were such a fan of NORMAN LINDSAY. I have a print of his, which I had framed, which I had bought from Roy Krenkel many years ago. I can see his influence in your work, especially in the way you both draw women. Princess Trish could easily be a cartoon version of Lindsay women.
Amid Amidi, editor and publisher of ANIMATION BLAST:
Great selection of art on your site. I'm so happy that you put a lot of it
up there because so many artist sites don't have enough art on them. The
design is nice and simple, and easy to navigate, which is great. I would
much rather see that than something cluttered. You may want to try and
make it a bit more fanciful down the line to help reflect and bring out the
exuberant nature of your art.
John Holmstrom (, PUNK MAGAZINE publisher, BOSKO cartoonist and once my editor at HIGH TIMES, writes:
I checked out your website--it looks good! Great stuff! I enjoyed looking at your recent work. I hope it helps you get some work.
(You mind-reader,you!-MK.)
FromSNOWBUNIcreator Jeffrey H. Wood, I recieved two luscious website banners...
as well as:
Congratulations on the new web site, and welcome to the wonderful wide world of chaos that is the Internet!
Tom Pomplun, my editor at ROSEBUD GRAPHIC CLASSICS,sez:
(Y)our site looks good. Well-designed, and it loads reasonably fast, even on my snail-slow connection.
This action portrait of Hugo was done in Photoshop by talented 
 Chris Lopez,who writes:

Great stuff. Thanks for the site.
PS - Your work inspires me.

(Thank YOU, Chris.)