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Below, a variety of commissions, some with their prices as a guide. The dimensions of most of these works are LARGE, about  20 x 14". Smaller pieces mean smaller prices.-MK.

June 2003: "MUSCLE LADY", for a visitor in New York ($80):

I got the artwork today! Definitely worth the price. What # brush did you use to ink the outline of the figure-a brush for house painting? What a steady hand! Also, what brand of ink? It's pretty black!
I'm glad you like the art! I use a #7 brush for the heavy outlines, and a #1 for the intermediate stuff. On fine details & facial expressions,
#00. I use FW Acrylic Artists Ink, the blackest ink I've been able to find
still being produced.

SUMMERTIME SISTAS, Spring '03 ($300).

Feb. 2004: Portrait of famed underground character, MOONCHILD, commissioned by her creator, Nicola Cuti. 

August 2005: An interpetation of the Roswell UFO incident for a visitor from New York($65).

November 2005: A drawing for Joel Thingvall ($100). (View his amazing Wonder Woman art collection by clicking HERE!)

January 2006: Sketch done for a Californian visitor!

Mr. Beat is TM & Copyright 1994, 2007 Chris Yambar. All international rights reserved

3/29/07: A painting commissioned by painter/ cartoonist Chris Yambar, incorporating one of his creations, Mr. Beat, on the lower right ($300).

"It's hard to figure out how I lived before this commissioned  Milton Knight Mr. Beat painting! All the primal elements of coffee lust and earthly pleasures combine in a whirlwind of explosive color and masterful brushwork making this a must frame heirloom and an image worth bragging about! This is by far the best investment I've made in original art in a loooong time. Heady and heartfelt praise from a fellow painter and rabid Knight fan. I'm off to the frame shop even now!" - Chris Yambar (painter, publisher, creator of Mr. Beat, and writer for Bart Simpson Comics)

More from the mind of Yambar can be enjoyed HERE!

6/3/07: A new one...Slug and Ginger, post-Apache dance ($100).

10/3/08: Drawing for WONDER WOMAN '08 CHARITY AUCTION!

1/15/10: Robotnik painting done for a graduating student! ($45)


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